These values are at the heart of everything we do


We will be a Church where prayer is instinctive!

Prayer is our default position, prayer comes naturally, prayer is powerful. We believe in persistent prayer. We will pray and pray and pray again. We believe in a God who is always speaking and listening to act according to His will and for His glory.


We are a community that believes that the Bible is ultimate truth; God’s heart revealed!

God’s Word is alive and relevant in every area of life, throughout every generation and in every culture, for all eternity. We will unashamedly declare God’s truth that points us to Jesus.


We are Spirit led!

We’re not led by opinion or preference; we rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He points us to Jesus. He is with us and in us and He empowers us to live for God, as people on mission.


We will build a legacy!

We will be known for making this world a better place. We embrace growth. We bring to, build up and send out for Jesus. We will preach the Gospel, feed the poor, care for the broken and plant Churches. We are a Church on mission.


We will be the most welcoming Church on the planet!

We believe people should experience the embrace of God through us. We unconditionally care about all people. We will never lay eyes on someone who is not precious to God. They will be precious to us.


As recipients of God’s generosity, we will express generosity to the world!

We will give, we will sacrifice, we will lay our lives down in every area possible. We will be generous because it reflects the character of God. We believe stinginess repels, but generosity attracts.


We will think big, believe big and live big because our God is big!

We are people fuelled by faith, knowing God can, God does and God will. We have a God given confidence to trust, believe and depend on Him. We are people of faith.


Everyone worships something- we choose Jesus!

Worship is who we are and expressed in what we do. We will be extravagant and creative in our praise and live out our worship in every circumstance.


We love to serve!

We don't serve because we have to, we rejoice because we get to! Jesus didn't come to be served, but to serve and give His life for others. If this is the posture of God Himself, then we want to follow in His footsteps serving Him willingly, joyfully, passionately and wholeheartedly. There is no greater privilege.