Missional Community Groups

Missional Community Groups (MCGs)

MCGs are a great place to connect with people in fellowship, grow deeper in your faith through study of the Bible and serve our community through outreach events.

Currently at Follow, we have a number of groups running on different nights with something that can cater for everyone. Below is a list of all the groups currently running, including the target demographic of each.

If you would like more information about any of the groups or MCGs in general, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and a group leader will be in touch with you soon.

Young Families | Sangeev & Priya Sukantha

Meets fortnightly on Tuesday night in Pakenham

(alternating between men and women)

Young Adults | Tim & Mel Kercheval

Meets fortnightly on Thursday night in Pakenham

Young Adults | Dave and Candace Levchenko

Meets weekly on Tuesday night in various locations

Young Couples & Singles | Paul & Jen Clement

Meets weekly on Monday night in Officer

Women | Jayanthi Ramaiah & Michelle Tibballs-Wilson

Meets fortnightly on Friday in various locations

Women | Sylvia Simpson & Heather Bricknell

Meets fortnightly on Wednesday morning in Pakenham

Men | Ronald Deivanayagam

Meets fortnightly on Friday night in Officer

Youth | Dave Young

Meets weekly on Friday night in Officer

Adults | David & Vivienne Hale

Meets on 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month at 2pm in Pakenham

Adults | Marco Marchant

Meets weekly on Tuesday night in various locations

Young at Heart | Gregg & Kathryn Weaver

Meets fortnightly on Wednesday night in Berwick

Follow Ons | Jenni Williams

Follow Ons meet occasionally for fellowship and serving opportunities

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