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Popping up all over the place to bless our community!

Follow Pops is the latest initiative of the Bless Collective, the aim being to bless our community without asking for or expecting anything in return.

Follow Pops are only limited by the imagination of those involved. Our first event was an Easter Egg Hunt, with pancakes and hot cross buns, at Devonia Park in Pakenham. There was a terrific turn out to the event, with approximately 100 people from the local community coming to enjoy games and activities on the oval, some great food and, of course, the Easter Egg Hunt. Feedback was terrific, with a number of people commenting that they were amazed that we would just turn up and do something like that for free.

Shortly we will be adding chairs, a table and flyers that can be handed out.

If you have any questions about running a Follow Pop or would like to talk to someone about any ideas you have, please feel free to chat with one of the Pastors at church or email info@follow.church.