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Creating Connections with the Community over Great Coffee

Coffee Cart

Our new Coffee Cart is intended to help us engage with the community over one of our great loves - Great Coffee! The Coffee Cart is born out of the vision of wanting to be a blessing to our community, within the church and beyond.

Being portable, we have the ability to take the Coffee Cart to events in the wider community and provide anyone with a great cup of coffee while supporting a worthwhile cause. Instead of charging for coffee we will be asking for a donation, with all money raised going towards the B.R.I.C.K.s Building Fund. We are sourcing all of our coffee from Little Things Coffee, which means that it is ethically sourced and all of their profits go towards supporting the work of World Vision.

The Coffee Cart will be at all of our Sunday Services from now on, but it will also be popping up at various community and outreach events throughout the year, ranging from Follow Pops to a possible sighting at The Slog in late 2018 (this is still only a possibility, but we are hoping to be able to support the great work of 4Cs at this event).

If you are planning a Follow Pop event and would like to considering having the Coffee Cart as part of it, please speak to Alan Crowden at church or email info@follow.church

Dukale's Dream

Little Things Coffee credit their inspiration to the Dukale's Dream documentary. The trailer for the documentary is below and for more information, please check out their page!